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What is Rsyncmrtg?

Rsyncmrtg is a program written in Perl that analyzes the logfile from the backup/synchronization program Rsync. The logged data will then be presented graphically with MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) and a webserver. Below is a list of key features:

· Return the last occurrence of "read/write" data for the module of choice to MRTG.
· Return the last occurrence of "total used block" data for the module of choice to MRTG.
· All rsync modules are treated separately and will not have influence on other modules.
· List all data found to check if the program is working correctly.

Any questions regarding this program (please check the helpfile and the "questions and answers", "system requirements" and "disclaimer" sections) and bug reports may be sent to the author at the following address: rsync[at]timewind.se

Important !!!

Please view the readme before using Rsyncmrtg.

Screenshots (560x215):

· Rsyncmrtg (Day) (4k)
· Rsyncmrtg (Week) (4k)
· Rsyncmrtg (Month) (4k)
· Rsyncmrtg (Year) (4k)

Read the helpfile

· Helpfile (html, 19k)

Read the changelog

· Changelog (txt, 1k)

Download Rsyncmrtg (contains the executable, helpfile
and configuration file examples):

· rsyncmrtg.tar.bz2 (version 1.00, 9k)

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